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How A Fortune Cookie Can Heal Grief


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This invitation comes to us from Nan and Gary Zastrow, founders of Wings Grief Education Ministry:

How a Fortune Cookie Can Heal Grief

Dear Friends,

For our Holiday Grief program this year, we presented a program created by Nan Zastrow called How a Fortune Cookie Can Heal Grief, and we talked about the 12 Gifts of Hope you can give yourself or receive. Each of these gifts comes on the fortune in a fortune cookie. This project began as a result of our program and will continue for the next 12 months (December 2008 through November 2009). You are invited to participate.

Each month, the Wings organization will send you the message in one of the 12 fortune cookies associated with our program. As a bereaved person or as a caregiver of a bereaved person, we would like to know how someone helped you (or your family or friend) with his or her grief as it relates to the fortune described.

For more information about this project and for ideas and feedback received, visit www.wingsgrief.org and click on the 12 Gifts of Hope Project.


By responding with an idea or story, you are eligible to receive a printed copy of this booklet when it is finished. For each response received, we will put your names in for a drawing of the How a Fortune Cookie Can Heal Grief program booklet. Drawings will be done once a month. When the program booklet is printed, you will receive a complimentary copy.

We hope that the analogy of the fortune cookie and how it evolved into this project will be inspiration enough to make this a valuable tool for learning how to help someone who is grieving. The accumulation of stories and responses will provide additional support and recognition that people are trying to help us with our grief.

This is an ongoing project and feedback will be added to the website occasionally. We invite you to participate with ideas you might have. Send your brief story by email to nangary@mail.com or wings1@charter.net

This link will take you to ideas of how to give and receive 12 Gifts of Hope:

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