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Sonsa Died In My Hand 4:50 Pm Sat Nov 29, 2008


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Sonsa my little aqua and bright yellow Budgie of fifteen years was LOVED and He knew it.

That is the whole point.

I held Him in my hand and watched Him.

To watch the moment of His death was amazing.

He cocked His head like He heard a sound -He looked up in wonderment of His death and He just let go. It was fluid.

He was not afraid just serene.

Ahh Life was good to me.

Pure Sweetness returning from the Dream.

DEATH is nothing to be afraid of.

The grief is unbearable. I lost my BABY.

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear you lost your beloved Budgie Sonsa.

I am relieved to hear he passed so serenely though. But yes.. it IS heartbreaking. 15 yrs is an awfully long time and I'm sure you felt he was part of your family. So yeah.. this is gonna hurt and I'm so sorry.

I'm glad in way that you could be right there for him though. I'm sure that helped make his passing so peaceful.



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((((Hugs)))) I know it hurts very badly to lose a beloved pet. And I know that ache of wanting to touch them.

I wish I could give you a real hug hon. I'm so terribly sorry your Sonsa has passed on hon. But I am so grateful that you indeed got to experience that wonderous bond between pet and owner. There really isn't anything like it is there?


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