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Mom, I miss you so much.

Mom, you'll always be in my heart.

Mom, I want you to know that I'll always keep my promise.

In my wedding you'll be there.

When I have kids, you'll be there.

And when I die mom, you're the first one that I want to see.

In Memory of:

Alejandra Leonora den Adel

March 26, 1970 - December 27, 1998

Mom, Do you remember that day when my dad took that picture?

I do.

You hated your hair I remember. It didnt matter to me, it didnt matter to us. Becuase you looked beautiful, no matter what.


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Your mother was a beautiful woman.

I would like to share with you something that was done for me when my husband died. Someone gave me a "special" embroidered handkerchief. They told me to take it to all those special occassions that he would have been to if he was still here. It has been to a First Communion, basketball games, Christmas programs. That way I feel he is close by and will always be a part of all the things he was worried about missing. Maybe you could find a "special hankie" too and that way Mom could be there in a little bit of a physical way besides being in your heart.

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Thankyou, she was right? Sorry I must say it, proud daughter.


Thanks for replying mlg, I have several things that belonged to her and I always carry them with me. That band that she had in her hair is mine and I'm wearing it in my wrist now. It's special and I also carry pictures in my handbag and everywhere I go.

Thankyou so much and hugs to you *hugs*

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