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Sskipper Dog .. My Good Boy


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I got him when he was 8 weeks old. I knew he was the one when I first saw him. Of the 5 in the litter, he was the first one to come to me and lick my hand. I took him home and named his Skipper. He was a Toy Fox Terrier with a mostly white, smooth coat .. he had one black spot on his side shaped just like a heart. Skipper and I had some hard times the last 5 years... lost my job with WorldCom, had to file bankruptcy, lost my house, my cars and motorcycle ... I figured it up the other day .. except for the several times when we were completely homeless, Skipper and I lived in 9 different places the last five years. He never seemed to mind and somehow he always seemed to know when the time came for us to move on. We often slept in my car because we didn't have money or a place to stay. Finally at the beginning of this year, I was arrested for something I didn't do .. I stayed in jail for 5 months and was finally let go in August. When I went to try to find Skipper (had left him with friends) they said they thought Id never come back and they gave him away .. we went to the man he supposedly gave him to and he said he gave him to someone else. I have finally lost the last thing in the world that I had .. my Skipper Dog .. he was ever loyal and will never be forgotten.

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I wrote a poem for him - Missing Skipper

The sun shines gently down on me

there's beauty in everything I see

But since he's been gone

Life seems so empty to me

and somedays reality is hard to face...

The wind blows softly thru the trees

frost will soon bring color to the trees

I'm still counting the days he's been away ...

Days will be getting cooler soon

snow may cover the ground

I sit alone watching the rain

I can hear its steady sound

Seasons changing one by one

this one finding me alone

still trying to deal with why he's gone

still trying to cope as life spins on ...

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Hi, Carole here in LIVERPOOL, UK 9.55 AM HERE

PLEASE KEEP SEARCHING....I PRAY, YOU WILL FIND YOUR PRECIOUS SKIPPER.... after all you have BOTH, been through,,,,,how awful for your friends , to give him away , like that, without , even mentioning to you, what they were thinking of doing, DEVASTATING FOR YOU BOTH .........DON'T GIVE UP, FINDING YOUR DARLING SKIPPER XXXXX

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How awful! So so sorry. Please keep searching for him if you can. Please do not loose hope for youself things can turn around for you. These are such hard times I'm so sorry you and Skipper have suffered. I hope things turn better for you . My best wishes.


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I am so sorry for all the losses you have had to face and endure, especially at your Skipper dog being given away like that. What a beautiful poem you have wrote. I guess that is something to hold onto is knowing all that you have endured. I believe that once a beloved animal graces us with their presence in our lives we become enriched and blessed and sometimes the beloved animals that are with us for the shortest amount of time enrich our lives the most.

Courage to you. Take good care.


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