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Well i am not really sure onwat too say apart form

on the 22.08.08 my dad pased away it was a anyurism he had just turned 50 , my mum walked down the stairs too find my dad lying on his front next to the fire place thankfully i was at my grandparents that morning. my mum is 35.

ever since that morning i have changed but i have got on with life

but now i cant cope i have completly broken

i am 17 and i miss and love my dad


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I am so sorry. You are so young to have lost a parent and it seems so unfair. My heart breaks for you. My only suggetsion is to remember all the wonderful moments you shared with your dad. I know that when I think of my mom (she died 12/2/08 it is painful and comforting at the same time because I know that she is always with me just in a different way now.

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I would just like to reach my hand out to you and say...I am here for you. You are not alone. I am so sorry you lost your dad. It is such a hard thing to go through. I am 20 and lost my dad in November 08. Please feel free to message me and talk to me, or ask questions, or anything like that.

The community on this website is very comforting, wise, and gentle. This is a good, safe site to visit in your grief.



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