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I Miss Him And Feel So Sad...

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My name is Debbie and I lost my husband on 9/30 so unexpectly that I still can't believe he is gone. I cry and cry and feel so lonely. We had our struggles together over our 18 years together but all in all it was good. We were there for one another, we were friends and lovers and kind of just depended on one another. I once referred to us as life partners and he loved that term.

His mother and his kids want a memorial service which I am finally meeting with the pastor to discuss tomorrow. I know I am going to be a mess all over again. He would have been 53 on 11/19 and I think having a memorial on his birthday would be a good thing. To be remember and loved on the day of his birth.

I sure hope you don't mind me rambling on and just saying that I miss him....so much.

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Hi Debbie,

I know your pain. I lost my husband on Oct 20th this year and I still cannot believe he is gone. We had 46 years together and 4 children. The days seem so long without him and the nights are unbearable. I go thru the motions of shopping, cleaning,etc, but it all seems so useless because all these things I did for us and now it is just for me.

My children have been a great support, but they are grieving too. Hospice was a wonderful support to him during his last days and now they are a great support to me. Let them help you to get thru this terrible pain. I am going to join a group support group here in the valley also. Anything that will help heal the nagging loss I feel.

Let them help you. Let the memorial service go forward, it will make you cry but it will also help you to heal. We had a firefighter memorial service for my husband as he was a retired firefighter and he would have been so proud to see how the firefighters honored him. I told him beofre he died that we would be having this service and it made him cry. I think having your husbands service on his birthday would be a geat honor to him. DO IT !

God bless you and keep on rambling, it helps.


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Good Evening,

I lost Conrad the day after my birthday. He died on November 14, 2004 of morbid obseity which led to respiratory failure. I know it's been about two weeks since he's been gone and I realize that I will probably feel this awful way for a long time. There are times when I can't endure it. We were married for close to 32 years. December 11 would have been 32. I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of the year. Sometimes, I feel ok and then it hits again and I am a wreck for hours. Love hurts. I don't think I will love again like this. I could not take another loss again. I know my life has changed drastically already so I guess that Ozzie, my dog, and I will go it alone.

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Hi All,

I have been doin better. Good days and bad. I did have the memorial on his birthday and it went quite well. I am also glad that the holidays are over. That was extremely difficult. Its been almost 4 months and I still can't believe he is gone. My sisters mother in law passed last weekend and it brought a lot of emotions flowing back. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I don't think we will ever get over it but I think eventually we will get used to it. I think it will just take a whole lot of time.

Sending prayers and hugs to everyone.


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