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Calling All Angels!

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Good morning everyone!

I hope that this Valentine's day finds each of you full of love and enjoying a wonderful day......

I have a special request of each one of us today to help us share all of the love that we are needing to give since losing our loved ones.....with a special group.

I am on a special mission trip for the families in Australia and the fires and every person here that I have met feels the love and caring that we share on this site. I am asking for no money or donations, only a moment of love and compassion for this group of individuals, families, and friends who need our help today, nothing more and nothing less.

Take this moment to put away our own individual grief and share our compassion with those who really need us right now.

Thank you for everything that we do...keep the wind at your back.


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My prayers are with you and your friends as you work at making a difference. You are truly amazing and a great inspiration! I taught my 5th grade faith formation class this morning and then took my own kids ice skating. Both activities took some extra effort on my part, and both provided me a feeling of gratitude. There is a lot of good to experience, but we have to reach out, away from us to find it. I hope you stay safe in your reaching!



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It is our common journey that makes each and everyone of us as individuals and then together as a team that make us great! Celebrate our common love and pain as we share together on this day of love....thank you for the prayers and dream of the sweat Koala's tonight..they really are the most loving of all bears....



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