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3 Years Tody

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Three years today since I said good bye to my Mom. Sometimes it feels like much longer since I've seen her and other days it fels like 3 years have gone by so fast. Time does soften the sharp edges of grief when you lose a loved one, but you always miss them, but now I miss sharing the joys of my life rather than just the the sadness of losing her. I miss seeing her reactions to her two grand daughters as the grow. I miss watching her smile when she sees my sons, the grandsons she so loved, but I am doing fine. I've decided to have a great day today in honor of my Mom. :D

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Hi Nancy M,

I am so glad you had a good day, I am coming up to the fourth anniversary of the death of my mom and yes some days are better than others but I try and think of what she would want for me on her special day and that helps me be okay on her day... Take care Shelley

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