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Hello all,

Yesterday was a week since the loss of my dear heart Sara. Sara was a will always be a wonderful cat. I have been greiving over her passing for six days and out of no where since yesterday, I feel like I have no more feelings inside. I was wondering what I am going through normal... I have never gone through such a lost before since my Grandfather past away when I was 12 - now at the age of 43, I somehow don't think I have ever address my issues with loss. It's almost as if a light switch have been shut off.

If anyone can shed some light into this I would be so appreciated. I have been looking at my Sara's photos and trying to connect with my emotions but feel like I have none inside...

Thank you,


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Lee, it sounds like you have "shut off". Sometimes when we are on emotional overload, our bodies shut off out of self preservation. Our bodies are amazing structures with the ability to survive much, some of the built in mechanisms continue to amaze me. With time you should be able to reconnect...if you are worried about it, try to find a health care professional you can talk to about it, but in most cases, it'll return when you're ready.

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