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Missing My Dad

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I lost my dad last November 2008 after a short battle with liver cancer. A month before he passed away, he was doing great, and then he started losing his appetite. One day we were having dinner and he got really sick. We rushed him to the hospital. Two days later he was diagnosed with full blown liver cancer. Two weeks laters, he was gone. It was our first loss in the family. My mom and dad were married for 56 years. He was 81. Doctors couldn't figure out how he got liver cancer. He was a heavy smoker but his lungs were perfect. He didn't drink.

A few days before he lost all his "motor" functions, I asked him if he had any wishes before he went on his journey, he said to make sure to give his huge watch collection to my brother. A day before he passed away, I was able to say Goodbye to him. He was conscious but too weak to move, speak, or even open his eyes. The doctor said he could still hear. I told him I love him and that I was going to look after the rest of the family when he takes his journey. My sister was able to say goodbye to him too.

I miss my dad. I miss him a lot. Whenever I hear Moonlight Serenade, or a symphony piece from Beethoven, or a song from Mel Torme, when I see people playing Golf, when I read a book on history, everything just comes back to me and then I break down and cry. It's like a switch that turns itself on and off.

My wife, Stella, has been very supportive. She lost her dad in 1984, and then lost her mom in 2005. I always find strength from her to get through the times when I am really sad.

I know the sadness will never go away, but I am learning to live with it. I miss my dad. I really do.

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I am so sorry about your dad. I am glad you were able to tell him you loved him and would take care of the family. My mom died Dec 06 and my dad died 10 months later. I know its very, very hard right now. I am glad you posted here, keep coming back, it helps. There are wonderful people here. Although right now its hard to hear Moonlight Serenade or Mel Torme , one day those things will fill your heart with warm memories of your dad. Take care of yourself, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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My prayers are with you. I lost my mom in Feb 08. I lost my dad in 1979. Having a very hard time with my mom's passing. I miss her so very, very much. If I just had another day with her.

I will pray for you to get through this, keep coming back here. It helps and everyone cares.

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