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A Recent E-mail Message I Sent Out

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I recently sent out the following e-mail message to all my friends and family. I wanted to share it with all of you as well. Here it is:

Hello to you all.

May is brain tumor awareness month.

My dear friend Lanette, who herself suffers from a brain tumor and is an eight plus year survivor, is very active in helping victims of this terrible illness. She has turned her journey with this cancer into something positive, and daily helps the victims of brain tumors and their families with the emotional struggle that this illness presents.

She was there for Jack and I during his illness, and has been there for me each day since he has been gone.

Please visit her web site below.

On the Home Page you will find an invitation to visit Applebee's Restaurant (May 3rd or 16th) where you can have 10% of your bill donated to her foundation - Gray Matters). The web site explains everything she does to assist families struggling with this type of cancer. Grey Matters is a very worthy organization.

Go enjoy a meal, on either of these days, and help fight brain tumors. (Note - you must copy and print the flyer and present it to your server to get the 10% donation). The offer is only available in Arizona - so that will leave all my out of state friends and family ineligible - but I thought you may still want to know about this deserving foundation. However, for all my Arizona friends - what a great way to help a worth foundation, and at the same time honor Jack.

Also on the Home Page you will find (in the Yellow Box on the lower left hand corner) information bout "What Happens at Gray Matters." The last story listed in that Yellow Block is about Jack - entitled "John R. Davis': The Banana Bread Man" Visit this area as well, as it is a perfect example of how this wonderful woman touched our lives and continues to touch lives today. My web site, regarding the entire story of Jack, is listed at the bottom of the page about Jack.

She is a real gem - and deserves you support.

Here's the web site to Gray Matters:


Love you all - Lots Lots,

John :)

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All your information is so helpful, thank you!!!!!!!!!! You are a wonderful and dear friend to me and many others here. In the end of Dan's fight with cancer it did spread to his brain and they removed and he did radiation, but sadly he is not here today. I am taking my whole family to Applebees and we will forever to continue to promote and fight to find a cure, so no family has to endure the pain of watching their loved one go through this. Losing Dan has torn my heart to shreds. Not only did I lose a husband, but our children have lost a father. He was a wonderful husband, father, son, uncle and friend. Not a day goes by in which I do not think of him and do not grieve for him. Thanks again Dusky!!!! Much love, Kim

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