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My mom passed away on April 17th, 2009. She had been sick for a few years but the last 30 days were quite bad. Actually, the last week was AWFUL. I know that she is FINALLY out of pain, but I miss talking to her. To be frank, she was quite difficult...but she was my mom! I can't believe she's gone...

I'm not sure that I completely realize the magnitude of this. When I think of all that we have been through, I sometimes forget that she passed away. I'm not sure that it has even hit me yet...I'm scared for when it does!

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I am relatively sure you are still in a "fog". No one can really tell you when "it" will hit but your emotions will eventually get the best of you. It may be the slightest thing that upsets you. Don't sit around an wait for it just take each second for what it is and move forward. That is the only way you will make it through this journey.

Keep coming back to the wonderful people on this site to help you through this.

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Mary Linda,

Thanks for your reply. The one thing that I keep falling back on is that I feel no guilt. I did everything that I could to make my mom's life as good as possible, while she was healthy and sick. Because of that, I have a clear conscience. We had some awful decisions to make and I feel that all of them were the correct decisions based upon the situation that we were given.

I KNOW that I will get thru this...as my husband says "time takes time".


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