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A Poem For Mom

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Hi Everyone, I wrote this piece today and wanted to share it. Mom wasn't the easiest person to define, but I think I did OK and maybe some can relate?

Finding True Love

I sit in the light of mother’s death

Remembering a strong lady, scarred

The scars made us laugh until we cried

What greater compassion exists?

Goodbye Mum, thanks for the instructions

Aries C.

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Thank you for your beautiful poem.

It very simply says a lot. I know just the feeling. I lost my Mum a few months ago. Your poem reminds me of her too. She was also strong and compassionate and impossible to define.

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Josie, thank you and let me say I am so sorry for your loss. My mother passed May 16th 2009 and it just seems as each day goes by I am missing her more. Mom wasn't an easy woman to understand, she cared so much for the underdog in her own way. Many people didn't understand that. I want to stay true to who she was, but it's difficult for me to understand as well. What I do know is she had a marshmallow core, but it was hidden under a strong, independent and many would say tough exterior. Regardless I loved her so much and miss her even more now.

thank you again for posting Josie.

Hugz and healing


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Hello Aries

Thank you for sharing about your mum. She sounds very much like my mum. Although she could sometimes seem tough she was so full of love for us. She would do anything and she worried so much. I guess when people have to be strong and independent in their lives it's hard to shake it.

She also cared very much for the underdog. Now that she is gone I am in awe of how truly wonderful she was in all her contradictions. I also miss her very deeply and don't know what on earth to do without her.

Have you heard the quote by Whitman "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes."

I'm sure they're still somewhere containing multitudes.

Warmest wishes and hugs,


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Hi Josie, I want to thank you so much for posting a comment. Honestly I was feeling very alone, even here. A lot of people talk about how wonderful their mothers were in the traditional sense, and it was just making me feel more isolated. Thanks to you I know I am not alone.

Strong and independent, especially in a woman, can come off looking like tough and bitchy, the contradiction is true. Thank you for sharing Walt Whitman's quote, haven't read much of his writing.

I for one have no doubt that in an indescribable sense they are right here. I guess the only thing we can do is move on with them in our hearts, keeping their best qualities alive in us. Maybe Walt Whitman if he were here might say something like "The less I am the more I become nothing's everything endlessly stopping to smell the roses."

Hugz and positive energy,


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Just another silly poem:

Make this nightmare go away

This isn’t happening

At some point it should have stopped

I was supposed to wake up

We would have made it

Right Mom?

We could have found each other

If only we had more time

Why did you steal time from us?

Please god if there is a god

Do not let this be real

This cannot be true

The pain is inexplicable

I cannot carry on this way

It is the worst joke of all

But it is a joke

It has to be

There is no way this is real

Stop it now!

Please let me wake up


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