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Hey there everybody. I'm not sure that i know what i'm doing here but i am attempting to post some pictures of my babies. I'm sure it won't be too tough to figure out which is my Ebony who has been gone for just over three weeks and which is Depot, our new nine-month-old puppy!

The first five pictures are of Ebony when she was with us. These are fi ve my favorites though there are many others. I figured you'd get bored if i put hundreds of shots of her here! She was my best friend for almost ten years and i miss her terribly. When she first came to live with us, she was just a tiny little thing, not quite seven pounds. But that was seven pounds of energy and mischief just waiting to explode--with toilet paper all over the floor! The later pictures are of her as an adult on her Dad's lap, on my lap, and with her cast just before she died.

I wish Depot could have met the Ebster! Ebony was a live wire from the get-go. What other dog breaks her leg chasing squirrels when she is nearly ten? We loved her in spite of herself because she was a naughty one! She was very, very smart and used her brains to cause trouble! She learned to open drawers and cupboard doors when she was a couple of months old. That meant that she had access to all the chew toys any dog could want!!! Even baby latches were a mere puzzle to be conquered to her. We had to use two on every drawer because she figured out how to open one. Just be sure to put them far enough apart that she can't stand on them both at once and still open the drawer!

post-13088-1248826259_thumb.jpg post-13088-1248828473_thumb.jpg post-13088-1248826581_thumb.jpg

post-13088-1248826685_thumb.jpg post-13088-1248828554_thumb.jpg

The last two shots are of Ebony's little brother, Depot. Depot is already twice the size of Ebony. We talked with the vet about his possible ancestry. As best as we can figure, it looks like he is German Shepherd, Great Dane, some type of scent hound, and a water-loving dog. The pictures don't clearly show how tall he is. He can eye something on the table without raising his head! Thank God he missed the genes for mischief and/or naughtiness!

Depot is a very mellow, sweet, affectionate dog. He entertains himself with a rawhide or two but does prefer to play with someone. He's an easy guy to walk. He already was housebroken and crate-trained when he came to us. I can't figure out why someone would have kept him in the crate or tied outside after that. He's a very gentle, mellow guy. Sure, he's a puppy but even at age nine, Ebony required more watching during her free time than he does now!


I hope i don't make you feel worse by sharing about both of my dogs. I hurt so badly when Ebony died and was bewildered by the circumstances surrounding her death. I still don't understand what happened but i know that i have to keep going. For me, it was important to have another dog. I think that Depot came at the right time and with the personality that i need right now.

Thanks for tolerating my stories and listening to me!

Ebsmom... and now Depotsmom, too!

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I LOVE that you shared the pictures! My favorite of Ebony is with the toilet paper - my Dinty used to do the same thing!!!!

Depot looks like a super precious puppy! I can't believe he is only 9 months!

I'm glad you found each other and I'm sure Ebony is watching over all of you.


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AWwwwwwwwww....I think it is very helpful to see pictures of the animals of which we speak in this forum. The emotional pain is so intense sometimes, it helps to look into those eyes of our pets. It is there we see again and again the unconditional love and trust they put in us. It is was healing reminder of the connection we had and have now lost. I know I went on my way home last week and stopped by the local pet store. i played with puppies for an hour or so. It was fun, but I didn't get the urge to take one home (not that I could afford one!) I am mourning the loss of a special connection I made with my Dobby D. B. I wll know it when I see it again someday. I was lucky enough to have found it twice in one year, i will find it again in the eyes of a pup that needs me as much as I need him. And we will rescue each other on that day. Just not today.:)post-13146-1248891722_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for humoring me as i show off my kids! I still have trouble looking at pictures of Ebony and not feeling like someone just hit me in the stomach. I miss the little critter a ton. Having Depot is helpful but he will never replace Ebony. She and i were stuck together at the ankle. We understood each other and took care of each other. I'm sure that Depot and i will get there but even then it will be different. I'm sure i'll love him just as much but it will still be different. I miss the little brown eyes looking at me with adoration. I miss her greeting me at the door by running circles around herself and dashing from room to room, grabbing her favorite toys and bringing them to me. Depot already greets me with excitement and i'm honored by that. I just wish it would make me not miss the Ebster.

Anyway... Dobby's mom: He's beautiful! When the time is right, you will know and you will bring home a little brother or sister for him. We got Depot from a rescue group. They were concerned that because he is a big puppy, he would not be adopted from a shelter. They had only had him a couple of days when i responded to their ad so he didn't even have an adoption fee! We paid for microchipping and then for shots and an exam at the vet's. Maybe you can find someone special without the huge fees, too.

I'm all for seeing others' pictures of their babies. I usually have pictures of my kids in my purse or something and will show them to anyone who will show even the slightest bit of interest in my stories about them. If i can show them here, i won't drive as many people around me nuts telling them all about Eb and Depot!


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