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You were my love, the other part of my soul

You offered me comfort when I despaired

You gave me support when I waivered

You protected me against all that is wrong in the world

You brought happiness, joy and delight to my life

Your jokes and antics constantly brightened my day

You were my lover—my body aches to feel your touch

You were my friend whom I could turn always

You were the song and the music in my life

You were the listening ear that was always there

You made me laugh at my own mistakes

You gave me the ability to trust in love again

You fed me and made sure I was whole

You told me I was beautiful and that you were a lucky man

You lifted me up and turned my life around

You gave me new dreams and hopes and goals

You made me believe in myself

You offered encouragement along with your love

You saw things in me that nobody else ever saw

You were the love of my life—and you will always be.

You are gone from my visible presence but I know you are still here

You will give me strength to go on and to persevere

You are waiting patiently until I too am called by God

You will welcome me; yes, you will welcome me; when we meet again.

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