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Today was the Funeral for Ben's Uncle our daughter Eleanor flew in from Savanah Ga. she got her last night...all the kids came over to see her so it was nice to have most of the kids under one roof we all spent the night at my son Pablo's house...the grandkids were all happy because we were having a sleep over in the middle of the week!!!. My sister in law had her surgery and they said she came out just fine we are not sure yet if it was cancer it will be 3-5 days before the results come back...so we are just praying that it is not cancer...The funeral was real nice but it was so sad...It brought back alot of old feelings..when i saw the coffin i didn't see Uncle Albert i saw Ben and i burst into tears..everyone keeped asking me if i was ok of course i said yes but i wasn't ...my sister-in-law Sylvia took us and we did have a nice time me and my daughter are the only ones in the family that went my kids said they couldn't go ...thanks for listing.

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Well today is another day...my daughter left this morning I cried i know that i will see her for Thanksgiving but it is still sad when she leaves...my sister-in-law is doing better today she should be going home tomorrow or the next day if she continues to do the same....I have been spending the day with my son Pete which has helped but i am missing Ben so much today the tears just keep coming and all the memories of our life together...It is never going to be the same...Thanks for all your prayers and comments

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