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On November 7, 2009, my friend, Steve lost his will to stay here for all of us who loved and cared about him. On October 14, 2009, Steve's home caught fire and he was severely burned, 3rd. and 4th. degree burns on his upper body. He was airlifted to the hospital listed "critical" , but fought hard over the next 3 weeks and 3 days. At times they thought things were looking on the upside, and it just remained a roller coaster for his family. On November 3rd. he had his 31st. birthday, and 4 days later God called him to be his angel...... He was my coworker and friend. He had a very big heart and would do anything that he could to help you, if he liked you. Always a sweetheart, very protective, and very kind. We worked very long hours, 12- 14 hour days at times and there was many months that I spent more time with him than I did with my own family!! Makes that bond very tight, and accepting his passing is very hard for me. April 4th. 2009, my fiancee died of a massive heart attack at 49.... that's how I came to know of this site, and that's why I'm here writing this, I have come to know that being here in this forum helps deal with the grief and devastation that we go thru when someone leaves our lives. Being off work now is a blessing, because when I return, he won't be there, and that's a step that I am not willing to take at this time. Tomorrow is his memorial and I want to go, but feel so raw from just 6 months ago when I lost the love of my life, but will take it minute by minute and see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for listening and I know that I will be back.....Joanna

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oh Joanna, I am so so sorry that this has happened, especially so soon after losing your beautiful Denny. You are still raw, this will be tough, so am relieved you are being sensible and taking time out from work. What awful news for you to bear.

I am sure that because he was good to you that Denny will be there with him, to welcome him and make sure that he is not frightened.

Hugs to you xxx

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thank you boo, i knew you my friend would find me here and bring me the strength that i will need to get thru this. thank you so much for reminding me that the love of my life will be there to greet steve, i had never even thought of that...funny how the mind just "scatters" during these times!!! i can't sleep, i remember all these symptoms...thinking, thinking, thinking...all the good times, and all the bad times. i will be there tomorrow for my friends memorial, the one thing that i was left out of when my love left this world, and yes i will have a hard time making my feet move forward, but they will, thank you my friend, you are my "rock" on this site and i really don't want to ever know what i would do without you, thank you for being my friend boo!!

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