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Hi, Well tomorrow Debbie comes. She's been coming every other week since the accident in July that took my Duke and left me with among other things, injuries to heal. I have a journal. We talk about each day since I've seen her. I now see a pattern. If I'm busy or have company I cry only upon awakening and before bed. If it's a day when I am alone, I cry most of the day. I'm scared to face life alone without Duke. We were married for 40 years, retired since 2000, traveled together on beautiful trips on our HD. And on July 8th he died. He's gone forever here on earth. I've always believed in the hereafter, though none of us know if there really is, now why would I want to doubt it now. 5 months ago I was wishing I went with him, so upsetting to my 3 sons, 39, 38, and 32. They wouldn't cry with me. I didn't understand their grief. Debbie said "it takes time" She was right, now we cry together and comfort each other. The 32 year old proudly shows his new tattoo in the likeness of his father. He cried "I'll never forget what he looks like" Debbie, my grief counselor, has been wonderful and I look forward to our talks. I do encourage everyone to seek some sort of counseling for all who are grieving. God Bless Judy

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Dear jrm,

I'm glad you are seeking grief counseling. God knows how much worse I would be without it. Having a professional who allows you to explore and helps you to navigate all of the avenues and alleys of this journey is a tremendous help. I encourage anyone going through this terrible experience to seek out a grief counselor, it's one more person to be there for you when you need it most.

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I am glad you have found a grief counsellor that helps you. I, too, am seeing a grief counsellor, in addition to this forum, and friends and family who have no problem listening when I need to talk. It is a crappy journey, and we need all the help we can get to flounder through.


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