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My Younger Brother Passed Away 11/30/2009


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Hello All,

My younger brother passed away in a bus accident on 11/30/2009.I received the horrid call from my sister, we were driving back from a restaurant.When she asked me if I was driving etc...I started to panic, I thought something had happened to my parents...not in a million years would I have thought it was my brother.he was only 35 and was married for 6 years with a beautiful daughter 2 yrs old. Kids are not supposed to die before their parents..that's not the order of life.I thought here that we would grow older together..but now i will never have that chance.His daughter is only two, everytime I see her it just breaks my heart..God destroyed the lives of so many people.I have just lost my faith in him.If he is so powerless in protecting people, then he is no special, Why should we pray to him.I am just so done with him, for ruining our lives...My parents are besides themselves.I just wish it was me instead of him...

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Lana, I am so very sorry for your unspeakable loss. Please accept our deepest sympathy, and know that we are thinking of you and your family at this sad time. Your anger and hurt at the injustice of your brother's death are completely understandable. Such a senseless tragedy surpasses all human understanding, and everything you thought you believed in has been shaken to the core. You are outraged, and the energy of the anger you're feeling needs to be expressed. I don't think God caused the accident that killed your brother, but I do believe He is big enough to tolerate your anger, and compassionate enough to understand -- and we can do no less. Please know that you've found a safe place where you can express whatever it is you're feeling, knowing that we are here for you as you walk this most difficult path.

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