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Tired Of Back To Back

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Hi Everyone! I am glad to have found you. My name is Allison and I have toooo much experience with grieving. The first death was when I was in kindergarten and a classmate was killed by a garbage truck. Since then it seems my entire life (I am now 42) every time I just finally get over a death another one hits!!! It has been this way always, and now that I am older they are coming more and more. I am so tired. And many have been extremely close friends, boyfriends. A few times I was alone with each as they slipped away in my arms. It is sad, but (this may sound strange) it is something special when you hold someone as they leave. Funny thing is I have had several times to watch babbies be born and it is odd but it is a similar feeling.

In the section here for I dont know what they call it, but I will write a story about my best friend Dorothy's last day.

I hope to get to know some of you and find and give support and comfort.


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Guest Gamer205

First off let me say Welcome to You! ;)

my name is Gamer205, real name Robert, I want to say I'm Sorry for your losses,

I'm Sure You will find everyone so nice and kind, and you will meet friends here

quickly, I've been here since Feb. 2005, and theres just awsome people here,

So anyway Welcome,

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