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This announcement comes to us from Neil Chethik, Editor at Open to Hope:

Ellen Gerst, contributing writer to Open to Hope, has been named editor of two volumes of the book series Thin Threads® Stories. Gerst is currently seeking submissions from writers.

Thin Threads® Stories embraces the best of the human spirit — the heart and instinct in each of us that leads us toward becoming who we were meant to be. These Thin Thread stories are a collection of moments, events or decisions told in personal story form, each showing how the course of our lives can be redirected for the better. The stories encapsulate our human desire to tell our own stories and to read and relate to others through their stories.

Ellen is asking for story submissions of 800-1200 words that focus on Grief and Recovery, as well as on Spirituality and Transformation. If you can relate a moment, event, setback, crossroad, or encounter that connected you to a person, place or opportunity that changed your life for the better, please submit your article directly to http://www.thinthreads.com/submit.php. If you check Opentohope.com in the box that asks, "How did you hear about Thin Threads?" your story will go directly to Gerst.

For more information, to submit to her directly, or to review a story idea and submission guidelines, you may also visit Gerst's website at http://www.lngerst.c...ouncements.html

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