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Hi All,

Well I did it. Made the appt. to file income taxes as well as estate taxes. Accountant told me to bring with my paperwork a copy of the death certificate. Monday night. Not looking forward to it. Once again I had to go to the firebox and retreive yet again another reminder of my husband's death. Another reminder he is not here. Really hoping I can be strong while we get through the filing. And then of course the wonder if I will have to pay in. I did ask him if funeral expenses are deductible and of course they are not, at least not in PA. I suppose its something we must all do for the first time alone.

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I am getting everything organized for Scott's business. Trying to do a bit every night. Excrutiating is the only way I can describe it. I can't be finished with it soon enough. It is so hard looking at his handwriting - it is like he is still here. But he isn't.

Yup, Derby, it ain't easy, but you do what ya gotta do...


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It was here that I learned that we can claim our spouse the first time we file taxes after they die. It was hard the first time I had to check "single", but it helped to at least be able to list him on the form...the next year when I couldn't it was tougher. It didn't seem fair to me that more gets taken out of your check when you're single and don't have any help with income...and we didn't even ask to have it that way!

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