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Missing My Daddy Almost 1 Year

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I am coming up on the 1-year mark. I feel the last year has been a bit of a roller coaster. I have ups and downs. I was in town today and went to the cemetary because I had a little mid-life crisis of my own. He would have been the tell me everything is ok. Tiffany you are going to be fine! It made me feel better going to the cemetary but I had to drive home and all I wanted to do was call him. I wanted to tell him about my sorrow, grief for him and my current problem. I know he is the only one to make it better. I don't know what to do; feel better?!

I have had the last time he visited me in my town, over the weekend (a year ago) I was visiting and i remember what he ate for dinner, my next date will be grandma's bday and ofcourse his passing on May 18. This is so F*** hard! I don't know how people do it....I do not know how people move on from loosing a parent who was their bestfriend?


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Tiffany - I read your earlier post about laying down next to your Dad in the cemetery. I wish I could visit my Mom like that, except her ashes are scattered in the ocean. All I can do is swim; maybe that will help me. When I am in crisis I ask myself, how would my Mom advise me? The weird thing is that I actually get clear answers; I know what she would say and do. I hope your feeling for your father also guides you. I don't think we really "move on" after losing a beloved parent. The loss stays with us, but their spirit and guidance also remains, and I think we can tap into that. - Ron B.

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My dad. I will go to Hawaii and swim when his estate his completed. So in response what a wonderful idea to find somehow to be with your mother. I am always asking 'what would dad tell me' and I continously tell myself the same thing.

My step mom who lost her first husband and now my dad..unimaginable! I lost my dad in an instant. I miss him so much and don't know what to do with myself. I date and instantly loose them due to my sadness. My mom is a real non communicatear. I don't mean to sound like such a downer......i am so sad and don't know how to get out of this funk and now it is going to be a year in a month and 5 days.


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I'm so sorry for you tiffy,my Daddy is only gone 3.5mnth(15 weeks,I count it every single Thursday). I hate the time passing in one way coz he feels further away from me coz it just gets longer since we spoke.yet I also wish my entire life away.

My parents are 40yrs married tmrw so today we are ordering flowers to put near Dad. I hate that the only things I can buy him now are flowers for his grave. I miss shopping for him,going for dinner to celebrate these things. Now it's just all sadness.

I try not to worry and think of the future but sometimes I can't help it,I dread the 1 year mark,dread Christmas so much now coz it's ruined forever. While I try not to I worry about peoples expectations of me then.I feel I won't ever be "better".

I already had a manager in work suggest I start thinking bout doing an exam in the next few months,I said no chance. It gave me a panic attack after work.I just wanted to be able to tell Dad how stupid he was,i can hardly remember what I did yesterday not to mind study.uh some people are so stupid.

Anyways hugs and love to you from another Daddys girl,xox

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