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I Thought Of You Today

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It has been 7 months since I lost my Ron to lung cancer... I miss him more each day.

Thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, with which I'll never part. God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart.

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I am sorry for your loss and the loss of everyone on this post......I was at my grief counsellors yesterday and told her it is an every day occurrance sometimes every minute and hour that I think of my husband but I think I am down to crying (on average)once a week..............is that better?? I guess so. In my husband's recent memorium of one year part of it said

"You are loved with a love beyond all telling and you are missed with a grief beyond all tears"

Because it cannot really be put into words, our grief and the depth of our loss of our loved one...............thanks for sharing I liked it.

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Hi Bren: My thoughts are with you. You said exactly what I feel about missing my Dale. I have his picture on my dresser and every morning, that's what I wake up to. It's a hard road we are on when what we have left are pictures and memories of those whose hearts beat as one with our own. I can only tell you how sorry I am; I know how it feels, as does everyone on this site. I find it helpful to come here every day and read what others say; and at least try to offer some measure of comfort when I'm able to. You take care. Susan

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