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First Easter And Sunday Is Also Parents Wedding Anniversary

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First Easter without Dad and I just hate it. We should be shopping for chocolate easter eggs for everyone like we did every other year. My heart breaks another little bit every time I walk into a shop and see all the holiday stuff.

Easter Sunday is also my parents 40th wedding anniversary. I am so sad for my Mom for Sunday, I just dread the day. I'm not sure whether I should buy her flowers, am thinking I will but at the same time I don't want to upset her more, just not sure what to do but she does love flowers.

I just want to run away from the world. Have this constant nervous feeling today,my heart is racing.... I just miss my Daddy so much, it's aching me.

I wish time would go so much faster. I wish so much I could have a chat with him, I miss his advice, our chats, his hugs. I miss his car in the driveway, hate parking in the space now, everything is so empty and lonely.

I want today over with so I can just go watch some tv at home.

that's my rant for today.

hugs and love to all, xo

PS I finally texted my friend who I hadn't heard from all week and she called me. Said she was giving me some space she thought I might have been sick of her calling and needed a break. Tears came as I told her I thought maybe she was sick of my moaning and sadness and I barely had the words out when she said she will never be sick of it or me, told me never to feel pressure to feel anything other than what I feel, she will just always be there. I wish I could clone her and send her to everyone here who needs a friend like her, she's just an angel.

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Hi Niamh, I know how you feel about Easter, I used to color eggs EVERY year for my Dad, and always given him a basket with all his favorite goodies, Now like you- seeing all the happy bright Easter "stuff" at the store just makes me so sad. I know I need to do something for my Mom for Easter but it's hard to get in the "spirit" of the holiday. I really feel bad for your Mom, it will be a tough day for her- I definitely think you should buy her flowers ! Flowers usually brighten up everyone's day ! I'm glad that everything is o.k. with your friend, you're very lucky to have her ! Try to enjoy your Easter . Love and Hugs to you ! :)

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I don't think Christmas was as bad as these days...

My mother passed away last September,but on April fools day it hit me..my mother and I were always on the watch of each other for pranks..and she loved looking forward to seeing her easter basket!

So I made her up one for the cemetary!

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