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Never say it can't get worse, because it can. I know I've told this story before, Wayne and I were married for 35 years. Twenty-four years ago he was diagnoised with Sarcoidosis, 21 years ago lost his right leg above knee to a injury. He kept it for two and one half years, before amputation. He got every complication known to mankind and evented a few of his own. In 1999 he had a aortic valve replacement. Then last summer diagnoised with bile duct cancer (rare again). Feb. 17, 2010 God called him home.

I have been dealing with all the pain of losing my best friend. Then today I get a call from my insurance people at work, they tell me I have no life insurance on him.

I have been in shock and depressed all day. I am already on a depression medication, high blood pressure, and eight other prescriptions. NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This last blow is more than I can take, I thought I didn't care anymore, now I know I don't care. My income dropped 75% when he died. I have about 25 dollars to eat, go to the doctor, and get medicine. How am I suppose to pay for this 15,000 bill. All I want to do is go hide where no one can find me, and where no one knows me.

I feel he did the easy thing, the hard thing is to try to live.


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I am so sorry. I went through that too, and it's hard enough dealing with all of our emotions but to be hit financially is doubly hard. Did they lead you to believe there was life insurance and there wasn't? Are there any assets you can sell? When my George died I was hit with thousands and thousands of dollars in hospital bills that weren't covered under insurance, so I remortgaged my house to pay them off. A few years later a friend of mine lost her husband and he also had huge hospital bills and she told me she returned them to the hospital and told them he's dead and can't pay them and there was no estate, no money. They wrote her husband's off. I'm not sure that would have worked with me since I had a home and am working whereas she didn't have an income and he'd been on social security...at any rate, no one at the hospital would work with me, I tried. I'm sure every hospital is different in how they treat it but you might try letting them know he didn't have insurance or money and since he's dead, he can't pay his bills...see how that goes. Don't be too quick to burden yourself with them. I have to make mortgage payments until I'm 76 now, on a house I'd previously had paid off...since I won't be able to afford to make the payments on social security, it means I work until I'm 76 or sell my beloved home where I lived with my late husband...neither one a good choice. I wish I hadn't been so quick to step in and pay it off but I thought it's what I had to do.

Anyone else know about the widow's responsibility for their spouse's medical bills???

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What an awful situation - finances can be so stressful!

Are there any social resources available where you could go to get some advice?

You are in my prayers,


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