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I am so very sad about the loss of my furbaby, Tigger. He was an old friend of 14 years. I had him and his sister, Luvi, since they were tiny. He was a handsome black cat with a few white hairs on his body. His fur was like satin, so shiny. He was affectionate and used to headbutt our leg to get attention and love. I miss him so much. I struggled with the decision to have him euthanized. It was so very hard to let him go, but he had cancer, and he barely moved during the day, and only perked up a very small amount at night. I couldn't bear watching him so still and when he did walk, I could tell he was weak. He was such a strong boy. He used to run up and down the hallway, and dart all over the house, getting exercise and chasing his sister. I love him so much. My husband died in 2008, and the combined sadness is so hard to bear. I am so blessed that I have one of my sons, Mike, living with me now. I also have Luvi, Tigger's sister, and a parrot, Bubba. I am trying now not to go into the abyss of a total denial of anything good in my life. If I list all the things our family has gone through in the last few years, it is emotional slaughter. It has been a brutal few years. I believe in God and Jesus, or my life would have taken me out, for sure. I am relieved to have this space to express pain and suffering over my dear furbaby, Tigger. I like to think that Jon (my husband) and Tigger are in Heaven now, having a spectacular time together and waiting for me. I heard a song on the radio yesterday that started the tears, and I think the title was "Save a Place For Me, I'm Coming Soon." I will go on because I believe that is what I am supposed to do, but someday I will see them again and all those who went home before me. I hold onto that belief, and it comforts me greatly. Thank you to anyone who reads this, and my heart truly goes out to you in your pain.

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Dear One, I'm so sorry to learn of the many significant losses you've endured these last few years, and my heart goes out to you. Of course you will go on, but please know that you don't have to travel this difficult and challenging journey all by yourself. There are many, many good and compassionate people here who are walking on the same path--behind you, before you and beside you--and we're all here to help one another. I love the image of your beloved Jon and your precious Tigger frolicking about together in Heaven, and I hope that vision brings you some measure of comfort and peace. You have our deepest sympathy.

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I am new to the group too. I wish none of us had to be here. I am so sorry for your loss. Like you I have had a very rough 15 months and I just lost my little jack russell last Sunday. I too go on because I am supposed to, and I have other dogs at home who need their Mom, but they are my fur kids and I miss him so much. It's only been 4 days and I feel like I am going insance. I send you comforting thoughts and a big hug. I live only with my pups so sometimes it is hard to find someone to talk to. Take care of yourself, Elizabeth

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