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Loss Of My Furbaby, Tigger


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It is so hard to part with my old friend of 14 years. His loving, affectionate actions, his funny little habit of swishing his paws in his water dish, how he would reach up to doorknobs and try to open the door with is paws, how he shoved his fanny at you so he could get pets and scratching on his back. He was adorable. He vocalized a lot. He had so many different sounds he made, it was like catspeak. I love him and miss him so much. I don't know why I am losing so much in the last few years - it just seems so crazy and unfair.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. It doesn't seem fair when we lose so much so quickly. It makes it very difficult to push forward. 2009 was a really difficult year for me so I can relate on some level. I lost my 17-year old dog Chela in March and then 2 days before Christmas I lost my 13-year old dog Casper to cancer. She had become depressed when Chela died and we were both really struggling to get through it. In Nov. I found a lump on her neck. It turned out to be cancer. Long story short, she went from the picture of health to being in so much pain she couldn't move without crying out. So, I had to have her euthanized. I struggle with it still - every day I feel this hole in my heart. The memories are still bitter sweet and still bring on floods of tears. My heart just doesn't want to accept that they're not here anymore -- even though I know they aren't. I had some illnesses and injuries in 2009 that I"m still trying to recover from. Between the emotional pain and the physical pain I face ever day, it gets really tough to continue on -- but that's what we do. We push through the grief and try and come to terms with what life has for us left still to do. My home hasn't been empty in over 17 years, so the emptiness was really eating me up. So, I fostered a dog for the humane society. She had 7 brand new puppies. It helped with the loneliness but not that horrible sadness. They are all adopted now and doing well. I'm fostering another dog and her 3 puppies. They're almost 3 weeks old. It helps me have something positive to focus on instead of that horrible sense of the world being flipped upside down on me. I hope you can find something to help you through your loss. Something you can feel good about even if you don't really feel so well. It helps having something to distract you from when the sadness gets too strong. I love the image of your husband and kitty frolicking in heaven. It makes me smile. Hope it continues to bring you some comfort knowing they're happy where they are.


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