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Approaching Two Years Without Them!

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It will be two years next week that my world was shaken to the core. My mom was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2002. I was devastated. I am an only child and my parents meant the world to me. About a year after the diagnosis, mom began going downhill rapidly. My dad was beside himself. They had been married 51 years and that was all he knew. He told me on two different occasions, he had been praying God would take him first. That is the way he felt it needed to be because he was 7 years older than mom. I assured him and reassured him I would help him through the pain as best as I could, but that it was obvious God intended to take mom home first. Little did I know, how wrong I was. On the 4th of April 2003, the Lord called my dad home by means of an aortic aneursym. Within three hours of arriving at the hospital, he was gone. Mom was at home, unconscience. She never knew.

I made the necessary arrangements, just going through the motions, in complete shock. Spent the night at the house with mom while sending my husband and two children back to collect our things for the next day. During the next day (April 5) which happened to be her 72nd birthday, mom had gotten noticeably worse. While changing to go to the visitation for my dad, mom passed away. Within 35 hours, I had lost BOTH parents. The pain is unexplainable! However, God heard and knew the pain they were both in. Mom, from her cancer and having to leave her family and Dad from losing his wife of 51 years. In God's indescribable, endless grace, He called Dad home before he could experience the numbing loss of his wife and allowed Mom to sleep right through it. Neither one of them had to experience the loss they both dreaded so.

They are now in Heaven, and wouldn't come back for any reason. I am thankful to God He spared them. I am thankful for the comfort He gives me daily. Even though it still pierces my heart, I know they are happy, and that makes me happy, even through my frequent tears. God is a God of matchless compassion!

If you would like to make a comment, please reply to this post. I welcome any and all replies. Thank you for reading my story. God bless each one of you!

Only Child

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I'm sorry for the loss of your parents, esoecially in such a short time. Maybe it really was God's intention to spare them the pain of losing their husband or wife. The boy who I love died of liver cancer two months ago. He was just 32. Though you find consolation in God, I can't. I blame God for being so unfair, for taking away my dearest friend, for allowing such pain that he was suffering before he died. Maybe after some time I'll be able to talk to God again and be thankful for the chance for all the moments we spent together, for having known him and for a chance that I was with him in his last moments. But at this time, I just don't know why this had to happen ...

All the best

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