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A Sad Mother's Day


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Well, my family got together for Mother's Day. It was a very bittersweet gathering. Everyone was trying to be happy, but underneath it all was a feeling of sadness. To know what our Mom is going through and knowing this might be the last one we have with her was very sad. All the kids there with her and there wives and my significant other amd a few of the grandkids. I don't think they possibly understand how serious this is and what we are going through, even though 2 of them that were there are now adults. We took pictures and I even borrowed a video camera. I have never done that and I think I wanted to get any thing on video that I could. My Mom was not in the best condition and was

really there just for us. I have noticed her physical and mental conditioning deteriorating week by week. I wish they would do the radiation treatment soon which we pray and hope will improve her overall condition.

The picture taking. It was so sad. It was as if we were all saying goodbye to her for the last time which we pray and hope we were not. This was such a sad day. Yet a happy one in that she is still here with us.

How in the world do you go on when someone you love and have loved your entire life is diagnosed with cancer?! How do you talk to them? How do you act around them? This is so sad!

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I am glad you took video and photos of your mom on Mothers Day! That was a very good idea. I know how you feel as my dad is terminal with his cancer and every holiday I feel like it is the last one I will have with him here so what I do to cope with my overwhelming feelings of sadness on those days is I force myself to make it the best holiday ever.

The only advice I can give to you is that your mom is still here. Don't treat her like she is gone yet.

You are in my thoughts and you were in my thoughts on Mothers Day. Keep us posted on your moms status.


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I am so sorry about your mother. I am glad that you took the pictures but understand how you feel. On Christmas before Tom died in Jan. we took pictures as we always did on holidays. There was one from that day that was especially special - he was sitting in a recliner waving as if to say good-bye. We used that picture to end his video tribute. We were lucky in the fact that he had not wasted away like some do, so it could still be a comforting picture.

How do you make it through? You just take one step at a time and enjoy every minute you have with them. I'm not sure if your mom is able or if she would want to but some people make a video of the loved one telling those who will be left behind special things. Tom just had each person come back and talk to him. He told the grandkids what he hoped for them in life and my one son in law (who hadn't started off well with Tom) knew that Tom had finally forgiven him.

Good luck in this journey and remember to take care of yourself too.

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