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Hey Everyone,

I have been away for alittle while. I just returned from a trip to the West Coast to visit my sister. It was nice to get away for awhile. It is amazing the feeling that comes over a person when looking out at the ocean and watching a beautiful sunset. It gives you such a feeling a peace. It let me know that everything will be ok. I know he is with me. It was a little hard returning to everything back home but I came home with this wonderful feeling. I really can't explain it. I have never felt so close to Pat since he passed.


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I am so glad you were able to find some peace, maybe there is hope of peace someday. I put off looking through some bags from the hospital, no peace there, he used wheelchair gloves, and guess what was in the first bag, I grabbed them and held tight, you very seldom seen him without them being on. I found a beautiful frame the other day, now putting his picture in it with his wedding ring showing gives me comfort. We have to get comfort where ever we can. Sometimes it comes in strange places. All we can do is pray. Thank the good Lord for the time we had together.


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