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Hi All,

My dad has been gone for nearly five years now, I have never had a good relationship with him... His birthday day would have been on June 6, I just feel like I should do something but in my heart I am still hurt for what he did to me... I am so mixed up inside... Shelley

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I say do some kind of remembrance for him despite the hard feelings. The bad feelings are just that. And only serve to bring you down. Focus on the good feeling, and you should at least feel better with yourself about that. Now I don't know what he did, and I am in no way saying forgive him or anything like that, just saying what it seems is in "your" best interest.

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After my grandma passed (situations were different than you and your father)but we used to buy a birthday balloon and we would all sign it and tell her how we felt about her and then we would let it go in the air so she could read them. It was pretty comforting for my dad. Maybe something like that would be just enough to feel better about your feeling of needing to do something for him.


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I agree with Sheiss,

Please write what you really feel and send it up in the balloon and free it to anywhere it will go. Eventually your message will reach your dad.

It will help lift a load off your shoulders as well.

You know that no matter what you are a beautiful person.

Best wishes,


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