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My father was killed in a motorcycle accident about two years ago and about two weeks ago my grandfather (father's father) killed himself. He shot himself in the head. I talked to him the week before he did this and he said he was a little down. He never ever would complain about anything so maybe I should have seen it as a sign. He always would say he was doing just fine. My aunt (dad's sis) said that father's day was very hard for him this year. My dad was his only son and he also lost his wife 9 years ago. I feel so bad for my aunt who is the only one left in the family. She found her dad like this and said it was mortifying. She also misses her brother, my dad a lot. thanks for reading my story -- any words of support would really help. i really feel like i need to talk about this. ive been depressed since my dad's death and dont know how to get myself out of this. thanks for being here for me. eteh

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I am sorry that your grand dad died this way. It is not easy to understand why certain situations arise but we must try and accept it as a part of growing and going on. I am glad you are in constant touch with your aunt ,who must also be feeling the same way as you do. I just would say that we can accept it and look for succor and peace within.



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hi Eteh,

I am so sorry for the loss of you Dad and your gandfather.

I'm also sorry that you have to deal with suicide, I lost my Dad suddenly in Dec 09. I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling with how your Grandfather died.

I don't think there are any words of real comfort but welcome to this site and I hope you will talk with us. I've found this place and the people here a lifeline since I lost my Dad. Just to know that someone else can nod and agree and relate to what I'm feeling.

Of course you are depressed since losing your Dad, 2 years is early if you ask me, any amount of time is early really when it comes to losing someone, it's so permanent and so final, it's every hard to grasp it all. Of course it was also so hard for your Grandfather losing his only son and his wife.

We can share out stories and our feelings with you and hope that maybe you find a tiny bit of comfort knowing someone else in the world relates. We each have our own grief and I think no 2 people feel exactly the same way, but there can be similarities. everyone here is so sweet, kind and supportive and all is such a non-judging way.

I think we all know none of us can "fix" each other but we can just be there for each other.

So come share your journey with us,

sending hugs love and comfort your way


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