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My Cousin Dean

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Hi All,

I just found out that my cousin Dean has MS and is getting worst each day... He needs a special treatment that Canada does not haveso he and his family are travelling to Poland to get this treatment... Can you please keep Dean and his family in your prayers, He was only 20 years old when he was diagnosed... Thanks Shelley

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Thanks Marty,

My cousin Dean's family lives in Nova Scotia and I live in Ontario and so we do not see each other very often but he is still a member of my extended family and I too hope he is able to find something to help him... Thanks for caring Shelley

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Hi All, Just wanted you all to know that I really appreciate each and everyone of you... I know that Dean has left for Poland and that our extended family is becoming closer together and we are praying every day for Dean to come home to us all who love him so much... I miss you Dean and Danielle and I hope all is going well.... Please continue to Keep His family in your prayers Thanks Shelley

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