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This Songs Reminds Me Of My Dad And I

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The first time I heard this song it made my cry my eyes out. It was about a year after my Dad passed away. Then hearing it a little over a year after while driving on the freeway in Oxnard, California I heard it on the radio. I almost had to pull over because it got to me so much.

The reason is because it reminds me of when we were in London 25 years ago this summer when we went to Europe. He knew how much I had always wanted to go there and I know he knew how happy I was. We walked down "Shaftsbury Avenue" many times. Little did I know it at the time, but I was my "walking in the wild west end walking with my wild best friend" (my Mom was my other best friend, she was at home and had been there with my Dad and would go there a few more times). And we certainly went to places similar to Angelucci's in Frith Street the street where my Dad took my picture in front of Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and later in front of the Marquee Club in Wardour St. I don't know if we rode the "Number 19" bus (probably did) but I certainly will never forget the first time I got on a London bus with my Dad. In London it was "you and me we can't beat". And "Shaftsbury Avenue" was "seventh heaven".

Mark Knopfler's guitar (this in itself is enough to get to me everytime) and vocals are so emotional.

Listen to this great song if you want to and see if you can understand my feelings and emotions.

I miss you Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Aquarius7,

I like your story. Although it makes you cry and I cry too when I hear 'House of the Rising Sun' (because it reminds me of my late mother), I always like hearing it though. Somehow it reminds me of her and I get a sense of her presence or at least I feel proud and still deeply connected to her. I listened to your link and could imagine you two spending that time together. I like your story. Thank you for sharing that :)


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