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I was involved in an automobile accident where I walked away..but my friend died. We were only inches apart. Weeks before is when we became friends. I hardly knew her but she was struggling to raise her children as a single mother and I could soo relate. I , too, had been a single mother and struggled for many years. I told her that if I can do it, she can too!! Keep fighting and you'll get there, I told her. She believed every word I told her. She told people she really liked me and hoped that we would become closer friends. I saw her several times over the weeks before she died. I told her she was worthy of love and not to ever give up on finding true love. She always talked down on herself all the time. I told her if she did that again, I wouldn't listen. Everyone deserves a second chance, or maybe even a third or fourth. But as long as you are still breathing...there is always that chance to have evrything you ever wanted. Our friendship then ended.. she died in the automobile accident. I was with her in her last seconds. We were laughing having a great time...and then it was over. The thing that is devastating to me is ...the person who was driving that automobile was me. Life is not the same for me anymore. I cant get past it. I know it was for a reason but that was a rotten thing for the universe to do to us!! I cursed God for keeping me here!! I wanted to go with honors like Leuitenant Dan in the movie "Forest Gump". But NO..I have to stay alive. My friends and family are soo happy I am still here..but I am not. I have a wonderful husband , children and grandchildren who love and adore me. I just cant find the joy anymore.

Every day gets better..but life will never be the same for me ever again.

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Hi Fateful,

Have faith in God and that he knows best. There is no right or wrong. Keep your faith and fate. SO many people die who should not die, we don't know the answers , but we must not lose our faith.Please believe that none of this is your wish.



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