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Now We Are Alone: Living On Without Our Sons

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In this powerful piece from National Public Radio a father whose sons were killed in a car crash a year ago describes his first experience with The Compassionate Friends:

My wife, Jan, and I did not celebrate a damn thing this summer. We didn't take a family vacation or meet up with old friends or invite neighbors to our backyard for a picnic. Instead, we got in the car one morning and drove to the annual national conference of The Compassionate Friends, a support organization for parents who have lost a child.

Or, in our case, children. All of our children. Read on . . .

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just read and listened to your message...

i, too, lost the two sons who loved me in word and deed..

first one to motorcycle accident..

and most recent one to suicide...

my whole life is identified in my loss....

yet i try to carry on as best a childless mother can...

i'm glad you got to go to the compasionate freinds conference...

i yearn for ones to interact with who understand that one never "gets over" has cloure or "moves on" one must just figure out how to live the resp of this life with out their dear loved ones..


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