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I lost my Dad on August 28th. I was offered a job I don't know I can do yesterday, but I have to take it due to financial concerns. My house has been a disaster and I hired someone to rip up all the carpets and put down laminate. I don't know who to trust anymore and have ended several friendships.

Anyway, I've got my dining room table in my kitchen and two sofas in my family room. I have an entry way full of furniture and laminate. My dogs have ruined the carpet and the guy who is doing my floors is calling my dogs nasty. No, they're not nasty, just not trained.

His helper has bailed and in this week he's only worked six hours and is working on someone else's house tomorrow and Friday. I am thinking of ripping up all the carpet myself and hiring someone else, as if all goes as planned I have to start a new stressful job in 10 days.

I can't take a benzo because I have a drug screen this week, even though they have been prescribed by a Dr. I feel like I am losing it. Too much has happened in too short a time and I just don't know. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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HI Daughter,

Looks like you got no one to help you. Take a deep breath and have someone who you can trust , make you do things more slowly, by talking to you or being calm, which may not be easy right now, for anyone in your position. Yes, you are right , no one should say things which are not true, like about your pets.

I hope you will know we are all here for you, and wish you all the best. sorry to know of the loss of your dad.



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