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I just want to thank you for the holiday coping links. This will be my first holidays without Tim and I not only found some very good advice in those links, I also found In Memory ornaments for each set of grandkids to hang on their trees for grandpa. I know it's not going to be easy but with the help of my grief counselor, all my friends on this site, and my family I'll make it through. Once again, thank you for helping all of us through this very difficult time.


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Chris, dear, you are most welcome ~ and good for you to be thinking about this now, rather than waiting until "the holidays" are upon you and you are left with no plans at all. I know it only seems that way, but holidays have a way of coming at us so fast, and we often feel so rushed and unprepared for them ~ even when we're not struggling with grief! I'm so pleased to know that you found those links to be helpful!

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