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Me? Need A Hospice Grief Counselor? No Way!


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Me? Need a Hospice Grief Counselor? No Way!

At a recent staff meeting, one of our hospice bereavement counselors shared a poem written by one of her clients, who kindly gave us permission to reprint it here:

"I don't need a counselor," my neighbor friend said.

"For someone to talk with? You're out of your head."

"I'd rather just cry -- or take a long walk.

Anything's better than having to talk."

"And what could she offer? What could she say?

To make me feel better? I'm really okay.

It's just that I'm lonesome, despondent, and blue,

And I get kind of angry -- a little bit -- too."

"And I seem so forgetful. How could that be?

My mind's not the same. It's worrying me."

I told her the counselor would just hold her hand,

And wipe away tears, and she'd understand.

"She'll tell you your feelings are normal these days.

And she'll make you feel better. She has many ways.

Just give it a try. You'll like her I know."

And my friend finally said, "I'll give it a go."

Then, later she asked me, "How come you could tell

She'd be all that helpful and make me feel well?

How could you know -- on her I'd depend?"

I smiled and said softly, "I've been there, my friend."

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I know this was poated a while ago but oh how true it is!! It will be a year on Jan 31 so my last visit with my counselor will be in February. I'm going to miss his visits so much. I could tell him exactly what was happening in my life, and I could cry without saying "I'm sorry". Like I've said before, Hospice people are a true blessing and very special people. I thank you all for your wonderful dedication & love.


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