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I found some voice clips associated with photos from my Dad a while back and was never so grateful to have found this, being able to hear is voice although I haven't really listened since because I find it too hard, too wrong that it's only a recording.

I had asked someone to put these together for me with the photos so my Mom (and me eventually) could watch them on tv as a slideshow. But it wasn't an easy thing to do, time consuming etc and it was simply forgotten about .....wedding photos and wedding albums took priority and I never asked again.

Last week I decided to do this myself and finally got it made. So the photos appear on screen in various random cool ways and each photo has my Dad explaining what the photo is. It felt good to get this done. I haven't yet given it to my Mom because the DVD keeps getting stuck so think the player needs to be cleaned and I want to be sure she can just hit play and sit and watch without interruption. She doesn't know we have his voice recorded so I hope it will be a nice surprise for her, although painful at the same time. When I was checking it on the TV last week, all I wanted was to be able to call my Dad and say hey check this out, how cool is this but he's the reason I've done this so I can't call him to come have a look and it hurts so bad.

I am waiting and hoping to get more photos from family and hope they will follow through and root out the photos they have of my Dad. I plan to put them all together on a DVD with some of his fav music playing in the background......and maybe someday I will be able to watch it myself.

If anyone is interested in doing something like this there is a software package that is very easy to use to make such DVDs it's called "Memories on TV". I have used it before so if anyone decides to use it and needs any help, has any questions then I am more than happy to be able to help out.



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I did something similar in the month after my sister passed. It was really therapeutic for me, but many in my family have still not been able to watch it (it's only been 3 months since she died). I hope in time they will be able to watch it and it is helpful for them. I also found several video clips with my sister in them, and for me that was such a blessing to be able to see her move and hear her voice. I am pretty much the camera nut in our family and had annoyed to no end the sister that passed away - I am so glad now that I did because otherwise no one else had very many pictures or any video clips of her.

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Am glad you are a camera nut Cali, I always wish I had taken more. My Mom has watched the one with my Dad's voice once, I haven't been able to sit and watch it. Someday I will definitely put every single photo I have together, not just the ones that I have his voice over for but I still struggle to look at pictures. Sometimes I think that because I only have a finite amount of them I want to put it off, because I want to see a "new" photo I haven't seen before and if I do this and look at them all, then I'm done, no more new ones ..........make sense ? Also just looking at any at all I just still find too hard because I just want him here, can't make sense of why he's not & why it's only photos I can use now to see his face.

I'm glad you found video clips of her too,as you say seeing her moving, her gestures, her voice ..... I never ever took enough video, very little actually of people, always stupid scenery and things going on around, instead of the important things.

Sometimes now I just want to have a video camera in every room at home recording all the time so I get everything my Mom does and says tongue.gif

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