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I'm just SO angry at everyone around me!! I'm angry with my Aunty who lost her father to lung cancer constantly talking about her father and how it's no different from our situation, hell she even had the cheek to say "my poor 9 year old daughter has lost her Granddad", when my 8 year old brother has lost his DAD. I'm angry cuz it's some Indian festival as well as bonfire night and I see people in the shops buying fireworks all happy, people my dads age walking around LIVING and I'm jealous!! I see my cousins who have their dad's and are able to celebrate and do things as a family even though they say "we're always thinking about you" yeah sure you are u can forget u can laugh it's ok for you. Why did we deserve this? My dad did everything for EVERYONE when my auntys dad had lung cancer he made sure we went round every weekend rang her all the time and we don't get that support from ANYONE. I know 50's not young compared to children who have been taken away but I see soo many older men walking around why couldn't he stay just for a few years more? Even better why couldn't we know those were gonna be the last times we would have with him?? Makes me hate everyone around me!!!

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I think it is normal to be angry at those around you who are not going through your unique grief. It is also very natural to wonder why me? why us? why my family? I feel the same way....not just about losing my brother, about a lot of things.

I think the key here is to let yourself feel that way and keep moving on....my faith tells me that someday we will have the answers we seek.

Hang in there.

And I am so so sorry for your loss......

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