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First Class Flyers Who Complain About Pretzels


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Life Coach Brian Vaszily is the founder and editor-in-chief of IntenseExperiences.com. As he points out in this thought-provoking article, we may have only one set of eyes, but we have a choice in how we see through them:

First Class Flyers Who Complain About Pretzels,

Heart Attack Survivors Who Complain About TV

A Cautionary Tale, A Personal Confession,

An Illuminating Conclusion

I know a woman who, after being out of work for over a year, after sending out hundreds of resumes, and after having to frequent a food donation center to keep her family fed, wept tears of joy upon receiving and accepting a very good job offer.

Just two months into the job, she was complaining about it every time I talked to her.

I know a father whose teenaged son is healthy, getting pretty good grades, and staying out of serious trouble, but who often berates his son for not hanging out more with the "smart kids," and for not getting even better grades. Just around the corner from this father lives another father whose son is severely disabled, and who beamed with joy for days after his teen-aged son finally fed himself with a fork for the first time. Read on . . .

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