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Well, I am coming to terms with dad's death but then I had several years of "losing him" before he physically died. Alzheimer's. I try not to think about the funeral or burial. I just have to put it out of my mind. Even though I've sort of given up on life, I still feel like I need a plan.

Right now I'm throwing myself into fixing up my house. I spent two days painting the family room and kitchen and I'm still not done yet. I have a handyman who is laying down laminate throughout the house - I got the laminate for a killer price and he is cutting me a break on the installation. Paint is cheap and makes a huge difference. There are so many things to be done around here (that is what two years of depression will add up to) and I keep plugging away.

I have bigger things to think of like survival. At times I am ambivalent about even wanting to survive, but I can't predict when and where I too shall depart. There is a wave of foreclosures coming up in 2012 and the state I live in will try to exempt itself from the Federal healthcare reform. I am thinking I have to go back and get another master's degree and will look out of state. I have too many worries to look too much at losing my dad. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. He would have wanted me to go on and live to the best. It's probably also good he wasn't "present" for what's happened to this country.

Anyway, I need a plan. A plan can help divert attention and move things along. Thoughts?

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I too did the remodelling thing after Scott died. It has become my house for as long as I can afford to live up here. It depends on job security. So far it's been five years up here away from my family. Coming up on three years in Jan that he's been gone. I am decorating for Xmas early. I have two sisters coming through on Sat for a night. They are taking the rest of the thorobreds home from Pa to Fla. I'm half way. This is the first time the older sister is seeing my house.

I want her to see being up here alone isn't terrible. Nice home/job/neighbors/new friends. Still love my five sibs the same. They are all in Fla. I go home three times a year and some come up.Stay busy. It helps.LindaKay

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I feel the same about my house - depends on the job situation and other factors, but it's mine for right now. At least improving it will make it salable.

I must comment you are so fortunate to have FIVE siblings you get on well with. That is fantastic. Have a fun visit with your sister.

I guess I'd better start working on my house. I tend to spend too much time on the internet and it would be nice to get that kitchen finished up, even though it's going to be a pain taping around cupboards, etc.

And I do think staying busy is important, whether it be getting together with friends/family or just doing projects and work around the house.

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