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I'm So Sad And Crying - Caution May Trigger


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My dad died in MN. This is their first blizzard. His funeral was September 1 on a beautiful day. I could deal with him being buried under these conditions. But now I just don't even want to think of how cold it must be for him. I know this sounds crazy.

Then I was cleaning out my cupboards and found 15 cans of Sprite - the favorite soda of the guy I wanted to marry - the one I am still not over who never even acknowledged my email when I told him my dad was close to death.

There is so much pain in life.


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you know what the same thought about them being cold has come into my mind. I lost my sister in the early nineties and I grew up in VT that is where she and my dad i buried. Every time it gets cold there I think about them its not crazy it called emotional and we care even though we know. I lost my partner of 22yrs here in AZ just a few months ago and worry all the time if she is OK, happy, free of pain, glad she is with ther out the creep dad and so it goes on & on.

So sorry about the guy who never responded to you when you said your dad was close to death. His time will come and he may not have any one respond to him. I hope not no one should be alone at that hour of leaving this world.

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Thanks pjm. Good to know I am not the only one with these sorts of thoughts running through my head. I, too, live in AZ. I am sorry for the loss of your partner of 22 years. That must be very hard.

As to the guy who never responded...no, he'll be well-attended to by his family at that moment. Maybe in the next life he won't though...

I guess I cannot think about it being so cold, even though it really is. I just feel sorry for my dad being all alone in that cold place. I am not particularly religious. About the only thing I hope for is that he is living on in a different plane and happy and at peace.

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