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When Messages That Are Deleted On One Side


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I'm hoping this can be looked at Marty if possible to correct.

I recently replied to an old private message in my messenger, however the person it was being sent to had already deleted that thread/message from the inbox and didn't actually get my replies and nor did I get an errors or messages to say it could not be delivered.

It would be great if a reply to a message someone has deleted would still actually show up as a new message somehow to ensure they receive it.

thanks as always !


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Niamh, dear ~ As far as I know, when you send a PM to someone on our site, it does not matter if the original message thread has been deleted from that person's inbox. It simply would show up as a new PM in their inbox, just as it would if you elected to "Start a New Topic" in one of our forums. I cannot explain why your reply to someone got deleted, as the only one who can delete it would be the recipient. Is it possible that your recipient didn't scroll down far enough in the message thread to see your reply, before deleting the entire thread?

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