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Hush! A Footstep!

Guest SGeorgeAZ

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Guest SGeorgeAZ

Hush!...a footstep! Where walks that sound?

Upon my soul? Upon my cares? Upon a shore?

In sand? On wood? On tile? On spirit touched within?

Hush!...another! Do my ears detect the rhythm of a love

so deep it flies beyond my hearing to a place where spirit sings?

Hush!...another! This thud-thud-thud assails me,

calls to me,

embraces me,

cries joyously for me.

Hush!...another! In my mind I see, upon the sand of life,

the imprint of your love for me.

Hush!...a footstep...and a smile.

Stephan A. George

3 November 1994

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Hi SGeorgeAZ,

Thank you so very much for sharing such a wonderful poem with all of us.. It is so very nice when people show their emotions through poetry.. I love reading poems.. Take care and Thanks again for sharing Shelley

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