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137 Days


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My Honey had a thing for the # 37, stems from a joke he heard when he was young. At 37 days gone I was too much of a wreck to even know it had been. This morning when I woke my first thought was "Happy 137 days Baby"... Happy? Dont know where that came from. My Honey used to say stuff like "And when they do show up ther will be 537,000 of them can you imagine that many?" or "We'll have to pay 37million dollars" of course thease probably dont mean much to you all cuz they are just punchlines. I miss my Honeys sense of humor, I wish I could duplicate it for you all but I just dont remember specifics.


To my Honey:

I hope the last 137 days have been better for you, then they have been for me! I will love you with all my heart for eternity!

All my Love,


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Dear Rachel,

It means a lot to me and thank you so much for sharing some more of yourself and your Honey. I know it hurts beyond what words can describe. In time...it hurts less...still hurts...just less. I am holding you in gentle thought and prayer.


Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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