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A Suggestion For Our Loved One's Clothing

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My Glenn was a pretty snazzy dresser and he bought good quality clothes. The problem was that I could never get him to dispense with them and I now have shirts and pants that are 20 years old (or better) hanging in the closets. I know that Glenn wouldn't want me to give them away and because I live in a small town, if I gave them to the Salvation Army, I might see someone walking down the street in one of Glenn's jackets, and I couldn't bear it. On the other hand, I can't imagine just throwing them out, either, so I had to come up with an alternative. I was laying awake the other night and thought, "Why not have a quilt made?"

Some of you may be way ahead of me on this, but I did some online research and there are quilters who not only will make quilts from your loved one's clothing, but who can also incorporate photographs into the quilt as well. I've been in touch with one such quilter and she will even go so far as to surround the photo with the material. For example, a photo of Glenn wearing a particular jacket will have a "background" of that jacket material. She will also incorporate cloth badges into the quilt. Glenn was a career soldier, and I have rank badges, etc. that she will incorporate.

I find it comforting to think that I won't have to "waste" Glenn's clothing and that I will have something to wrap myself in that truly "belongs" to him, and I thought I would share the idea.

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am so happy for you to have found such a meaningful and comforting idea to bring you comfort. My Melissa was a social worker and counselled young teen Moms. Melissa was always so particular about her clothes and I too wondered what to do with all of her clothes. I donated most of them to an organization called "Dress for Success" which is a program for women who have fled from abusive environments with just the clothes on their backs and not the financial means to buy neccessary clothes to go out and find a job.

I have but one picture of my Melissa and I love the idea of having it incorparated into a quilt and being able to wrap myself up in it. This is a wonderful idea! I know how hard you have been working through your loss of Glenn and I just want to say how proud I am of you.

Courage and Blessings, Carol Ann

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