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I miss my Dad so much. I can't believe he's gone. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. I can't concentrate. It's just so painful. A few days before he died, I visited him in the nursing home and he was having a fairly good day. I read him "The Night Before Christmas" and he said "That's a nice story." Before I left, I said "I love you, Dad." He said "I love you too." It hurt me so bad to see him decline over the past year. He went from being able to walk a little, with assistance, about last year at this time, to being unable to even feed himself. Although he was 95, he had been healthy enough to live on his own until he was 94. I thought he would live to see 100. In the early part of December, he almost seemed a little better, a little more alert. Then he really took a turn for the worse and died the day after New Years, 2011. I wish he was still here. The time I spent with him this past year was so precious. I really miss him.

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Dear CollenRe,

The time I spent with him this past year was so precious

This is so true! It was precious and it was sacred and in time will bring you comfort. I too relate and understand what it was like to watch your Father's decline. I know the pain feels unsurvivable! I am so sorry. I am happy for you that your Father was able to speak with you and tell you he loved you. I don't know what your after life belief's are but one thing that bring's me comfort is to know that my Father's suffering ended the moment he died. I was thrown into unimaginable pain but his was over and it brought me some solace.

I encourage you to come here as often as you need.

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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Im sorry for your loss Colleen. Im so happy to hear about the time you were able to spend with your father. My mother passed away on December 26th. She was 83. I thought she would live to be a 100 because she was very active, vibrant, and so much fun to be around. Her memory was gradually declining, it was not yet serious, but she would ask a question then ask it again ten minutes later. How I miss that !!! I miss her voice. I miss her cooking. I tried to make her amazing waffles today..and it didnt come out right. I thought for a moment, "I'll just ask Mom how she makes them.." forgetting that she's gone hurts very much. I wish you peace and comfort.

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